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It is our church  desire that you obtain all the tools necessary for the fulfillment of your purpose in Christ.
Here you will find information on the different ministries and resources that the church offers. We trust that they will contribute to your development as a believer.


This ministry is designed to collaborate with the family in the process of educating and modeling the character of Christ. We use the Word of God as a guide as part of our efforts to create a correct identity in the heart of God.

Help our children to establish and develop their spiritual life by discovering God's plan for their lives through a fun and uplifting experience, so that they can develop their personality, their relationship with God and their Christian leadership.

To raise a generation with purpose and identity in God so that they can be representatives of Christ bringing the Good News of Salvation to their family, church and community, being able to be of impact and agents of change for their generation and future generations


Our ministry focuses on helping marriages to prioritize, strengthen their marriage relationship, and live a marriage according to the Scriptures, through conferences, studies, conferences, talks and counseling.
"Honorable be in all the marriage" Hebrews 13: 4a RVR1960


5 Breads and 2 Fishes welcomes you!
5 Breads and 2 Fishes is a permanent project of our Church ICFF, Hamilton OH which aims to strengthen the human and Christian value of SHARING (talents, time and material goods). It also aims to achieve the integral and permanent support of the Church, thanks to the support of people of good will.
The name of the Project has been taken from the miracle of Jesus, when He multiplied five loaves and two fish to feed a whole multitude. That miracle teaches us sharing and fundamental values ​​such as Solidarity, Participation, Disengagement, Organization, Efficiency, Transparency; That inspire and sustain the Project.
5 loaves and 2 fish wants to be a window to make known what the Church is and the service it provides to families. It also wants to be an open door that invites us to enter into our sense of belonging to the Church and in co-responsibility with its mission and work.
These pages are addressed to all people without distinction. To open them is already a way of sharing time and start recognizing ourselves as an active part of the Church and of her evangelizing work ... because we are all Church

Ministry of Women

Our mission is to restore women in all its stages. We know that God is a generational God. For this reason, our mission is a generational one where, we focus on women in order to become dignified women representatives of the Kingdom of God.

Youth Department

Empowering, developing and training our youth in the Word of God is a priority in our church. Our purpose is to restore, equip and commission young people to fulfill the plan God has designed for them.

Ministry of Men

The main function of Men of Honor is to reach out and win the men in our community with a credible offer of the gospel, restoring them to the original purpose of the Father; Equipping them as spiritual priests of their families and then commissioning them as leaders in their church, work and community.

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